WIDU.africa introduces two ways to mitigate the effects of the Corona crisis:

  • Protecting livelihoods: Start a WIDU.africa project and support small and new businesses of families and friends in participating African countries. The entrepreneur will receive an extra grant of 250 € for each funded project.
  • Corona Business Grant: Start a Corona project and support existing companies in the health, food or transportation sector that are important and relevant to the Corona response. The entrepreneur can receive a grant of up to 2,500 € - no private investment required

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WIDU.africa programmes to support entrepreneurs in participating African countries

WIDU.africa aims to improve the conditions for small businesses and start-ups in participating African countries together with the diaspora in Germany. During the Corona crisis, WIDU.africa aims to help our participating entrepreneurs and specifically support those who contribute to overcoming this crisis with their business activities. Therefore, the WIDU coaching process was adapted to operate properly in times of lockdowns and disburse the grants in a timely manner. WIDU continues to work with the diaspora who recommend companies for financial support.

WIDU Original Grant

Protecting the livelihoods of small entrepreneurs in participating African countries

In times of Corona, every project supported by WIDU receives an 250 € in addition to the regular WIDU grant. This money is intended to protect the livelihood of the entrepreneurs in participating African countries during the Corona crisis and can be used by the entrepreneur to cover the extra cost of living, adjustments to business to adhere to hygiene measures and/or to cover additional temporary running business costs.

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Corona Business Grant

Corona Business Grant: Targeted support for companies with Corona-specific solutions

Another possibility to support small businesses in participating African countries is the new Corona Business Grant. With this Programme. WIDU.africa specifically supports existing companies whose activities in the health, food, or transport sectors contribute to the Corona response. Many entrepreneurs have good ideas but lack the financial means to implement them. WIDU provides up to 2,500 € for entrepreneurs via the Corona Business Grant and supports them to realise their ideas. The Corona Business Grant requires the recommendation of a diaspora member in Germany. No proof of private investments on the part of the diaspora or the entrepreneur is required. Do you know entrepreneurs who could benefit from the Corona Business Grant? Then register here and start the process for a “Corona Business Grant”.

***Businesses eligible for the Corona Business Grant***

For the Corona Business Grant, we support projects in the following sectors:

  • Health
  • Transport
  • Food Security
  • Education

However, due to limited resources for the Corona Business Grant, we select the projects very carefully according to the following criteria:

The business should be existing and demonstrate existing expertise in the proposed activity that builds on this experience and

  • Actively contribute to the response of Corona
  • The business should be a small (social) business
  • Priority will be given to innovative and creative proposals that will contribute to the wider Corona response
  • The business should clearly identify how it will generate revenue
  • The proposal should be well described and clearly defined
  • Impacts and results need to be evidenced, measurable and tangible

We look forward to receiving your innovative project proposals!

Why your support is more important than ever

The Corona pandemic has far-reaching repercussions for the global economy. Especially countries that are already facing difficult economic conditions will be under pressure. For example, Ghana and Cameroon where the crisis severely affects small-scale businesses and start-ups who are unable to compensate for the financial losses of the past weeks. The survival of many companies is directly at stake together with the livelihoods of those running them.

Many expert institutions esteem that more people will suffer or even die in Africa as a result of the resultant economics impacts of Corona, than from the virus itself.

Key factor: support from the diaspora

Great potential for improving the economic conditions in participating African countries lies in cooperation with the diaspora. According to World Bank estimates, members of the African diaspora in Germany transfer € 1.2 billion annually to their countries of origin. In this particularly difficult time, the diaspora in Germany wants to financially support family members and friends in their countries of origin. WIDU.africa helps to channel existing remittances into sustainable small-businesses and start-ups and further supports the entrepreneurs by disbursing grants of the same amount as the investment of diaspora donor and entrepreneur. Small enterprises in all sectors are eligible for the WIDU grant.