The WIDU Process

The following display depicts the WIDU process. Here, we guide you through all necessary steps from registration to the WIDU Grant Investment and documentation. It also shows you the possible grant amount based on the previous Private Investment.

Below, you will find an onboarding slide show with additional information for each step.

WIDU process and financing - EN
WIDU process and financing
03 Formulate Business Idea
3. Formulate Business Idea

Convince us in what you are planning to do. After formulating your business idea, you set up an investment plan where you describe your planned expenses (50% private investment by donor and entrepreneur/ 50% WIDU grant investment).

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Joint investment and Documentation
7. Joint investment and Documentation

The private investment consists of the donor transfer (25%) and the entrepreneur's contribution (25%) of the total investment. All expenses need to be documented on the platform by uploading invoices or receipts.

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WIDU is always free of charge

We do not ever ask diaspora donors or African entrepreneurs, nor their relatives or friends, to pay for our services. WIDU funding and coaching is and will always be provided for free.
Do not under any circumstances agree to give a share of your WIDU grant to a broker or a middle-man. These brokers/middle-men are breaking the law and will be sued by us.