WIDU.africa works in close collaboration with different African diaspora organisations and associations based in Europe. This partnership is vital for the implementation of WIDU.africa and the success of the project as they create a bridge between the WIDU.africa project and its most important actors – the diaspora members.

Diaspora organisations promote and encourage WIDU.africa in the participating European countries by holding online information sessions for diaspora members who plan to support the creation or development of small businesses of their friends and family. These information events are offered regularly in multiple languages (English, French and German) at no charge. 

By guiding diaspora members in the beginning of the project, the organisations facilitate a successful partnership between diaspora members and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the engagement, contribution and support of the diaspora residing in Europe, WIDU is closely connected to businesses in Africa – even in remote locations which development cooperation would otherwise hardly be able to reach.

Why we work with the diaspora: Explained by quotes
Logo of Code for Afrika
Dr. Kwabena Obiri Yeboah, Code for Afrika e.V.
WIDU.africa is an initiative that improves the use of remittances by family and friends in Africa. I support this project because it gives the African diaspora the opportunity to support businesses and create jobs in Africa.
Logo of Afrika Medien Zentrum
Hervé Tcheumeleu Kameni (Director,  Afrika Medien Zentrum)
WIDU.africa is a program in which development cooperation addresses a new perspective: here, the diaspora is part of the project, and the creation of new jobs in the cooperating African countries is the focus. That's why I'm involved with WIDU.africa.
Logo of Future of Ghana Germany
Lucy Larbi, Board of Directors, Future of Ghana Germany e.V.
FoGG participates in WIDU.africa because WIDU is innovative, progressive, and relevant while maximizing diaspora involvement in many processes.
Logo of Ghana Union Hamburg
Felix Amoako Boampong, Deputy Secretary General, Union of Ghana
Ghana Union Hamburg sees WIDU.africa as a way for the African Diaspora in Europe and international development organizations to work together in contributing to Africa's development.
Logo of Afro Deutsches Akademiker Netzwerk
Alhaji Allie Bangura (Executive Board ADAN e.V.) 
The WIDU.africa platform is a great innovation of the development cooperation that enables the African diaspora to contribute to the development of entrepreneurships in their home countries.