WIDU mentors and supports business start-up and development

Kofi and Afia are friends. He lives in Germany and she owns a shop in Africa. Kofi wants to support her financially in her business project.

How does WIDU work?

Business promotion for families and friends

Making a difference together.

Financing and mentoring

For individual entrepreneurs, companies or start-ups.

32 + Partners

In Europe and participating African countries.

From market stalls to IT start-ups

Any enterprise can receive funding.

EUR 250.00 to EUR 2,500.00 of WIDU funding

1 € for every euro invested.

Registering diaspora donors and entrepreneurs together

Kofi and Afia register on widu.africa, create a project and share their idea with the world!

Support and mentoring from the WIDU network

Afia is contacted by a mentoring organisation which will help and counsel her throughout her business project.

Invest, report and receive the WIDU grant

Afia documents changes in her business and uploads receipts to WIDU so their project can be evaluated.


You have received the WIDU grant!