WIDU Local Calls

Starting from June 2022, WIDU is offering a new grant type: the Local Call. This funding instrument is available directly to local entrepreneurs to boost their businesses in specified thematic areas. Each Local Call addresses a specific topic which may differ from country to country – depending on which economic sector is of major regional importance. In contrast to WIDU's other funding instrument - the Original WIDU Grant - African entrepreneurs can directly apply for funding and coaching, without the participation of the diaspora.

Find out more about the currently available Local Calls, the process and eligibility criteria below.

Available Local Calls

Food Call Kenya Announcement
Local Call: #FoodSecurityKenya

Application will open on 1 April 2023


Past Local Calls

Food Call Grafphic
Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia

Application is now closed.

Local Call: #GreenKenya
Local Call: #Green Kenya

From June 2022 to October 2022


WIDU Local Call Process_en

WIDU is always free of charge

We do not ever ask diaspora donors or African entrepreneurs, nor their relatives or friends, to pay for our services. WIDU funding and coaching is and will always be provided for free.
Do not under any circumstances agree to give a share of your WIDU grant to a broker or a middle-man. These brokers/middle-men are breaking the law and will be sued by us.