Local Call: #FoodSecurityKenya

Are you an entrepreneur running a micro or small enterprise that contributes to sufficient, safe and/or nutritious food and agricultural production in Kenya

Then this is your opportunity to apply for WIDU Kenya's second #FoodSecurityCall. Application will be open from 1 April 2023. 

Farmer with smartphone in hand in his field

Why Food Security?

With rising food insecurity taking center stage owing to the enormous challenges posed by COVID-19, Russian-Ukraine War and changing climate, WIDU Kenya will support micro and small businesses response efforts for a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient recovery of their agriculture and food systems.

Within this context, WIDU Kenya encourages proposals that aim to increase the impact of agricultural and food systems interventions through emphasis on cross-cutting areas of gender, climate resilience, and improved nutrition outcomes.

Presentation Local Call: #FoodSecurityKenya

In this presentation we give background information, introduce eligible business sectors and present criteria for the application for/participantion in the Local Call: #FoodSecurityKenya.

Apply for #FoodSecurityKenya
Apply for #FoodSecurityKenya

Target Sectors #FoodSecurityKenya

Target Sectors of Food Call

Food Call Kenya Announcement
Flyer Local Call: #FoodSecurityKenya

This leaflet provides you with general information about the Local Call: #FoodSecurityKenya. It can be downloaded and printed in the following language: English

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