Participation of WIDU Cameroon to the 1st edition of the FODEBAF

The Economic Forum for the Development of Bafoussam (FODEBAF) organized by the Mayor of the city of Bafoussam was held from 7 to 10 March 2023, covering the theme of "Diaspora and development: how to integrate territorial dynamics in the light of decentralization".

Update: Selection of WIDU projects

Due to increasing demand, we will extend the score-based selection of projects to Togo and Ghana. The project evaluation is based on a neutral scoring system.

WIDU is always free of charge

We do not ever ask diaspora donors or African entrepreneurs, nor their relatives or friends, to pay for our services. WIDU funding and coaching is and will always be provided for free.
Do not under any circumstances agree to give a share of your WIDU grant to a broker or a middle-man. These brokers/middle-men are breaking the law and will be sued by us.