In November 2019, Cameroon together with Ghana, were the first countries in Africa where WIDU started its activities in promoting small businesses in cooperation with the diaspora. Since then, more than 1,830 new and existing businesses have received a support to help secure employment and livelihoods in Cameroon. 

As WIDU builds a wider base of partners, we will be able to support even more entrepreneurs. Our partners at the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, also continue to support and work with us to further broaden our base of cooperation in the country.

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Local Call: #DigitalizationCall

Find more information about the Local Call, eligibility requirements and other useful support on our Local Call: #DigitalizationCall Website.


Quotes from Coaching Organisations

"We've transformed so many lives in 14 months through WIDU, the thrill when we call an entrepreneur to ask for their ID for payment, the smiles that greet us when we go to the field for the evaluation visit, the gratitude of developers begging us to tell them where to find WIDU to thank them, we wish it would never end."  

Steve Deffo Tawembe, VKII Cameroun, Cameroon

“From my past and current experience in coaching of entrepreneurial projects, WIDU has been one of the most effective runs in Cameroon. As coaching organization manager, it is meaningful to get access to well-conceived processes that facilitate our daily job. My own appreciation is that the well-managed preparation phase has led WIDU to be a great success.”

Krystel Nopoudem, Oceane, Cameroon