Are you an entrepreneur running a micro or small enterprise that contributes to sufficient, safe and/or nutritious food and agricultural production in EthiopiaOr do you have a clear idea and an implementation strategy for a business that you would like to start? Then our new WIDU Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia is your opportunity to scale-up or start off your business!

WIDU FoodCallEthiopia: From Farm To Fork With WIDU
Local Call #FoodCallEthiopia : From Farm To Fork With WIDU

Target sectors of the #FoodCallEthiopia

Local Call: #FoodCallEhtiopia

About the #FoodCallEthiopia

Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What is the #FoodCall?

In response to the increased needs in terms of food security in Ethiopia, WIDU is now launching a #FoodCall through which micro businesses or business ideas that contribute to sufficient, safe and/or nutritious food and agricultural production can get grants and coaching.

2. Who is eligible to apply?

• Applicants need to hold the Ethiopian citizenship
• Applicants need to be 18+ years old
• Applicants need to either have an existing small business or a concrete business idea

If you meet these criteria, apply now!

3. How are grant recipients selected?

There are multiple selection criteria that will be taken into consideration:
• Impact on food security and nutrition
• Overall quality of application (completeness, coherence, etc.)
• Employment creation
• Creation of income
• Degree of innovation

Female entrepreneurs are specifically encouraged to apply.

4. What do selected entrepreneurs get through the #FoodCall?

Ethiopian and Kenyan entrepreneurs, who fulfill the requirements can apply online. 50-100 applicants will be selected to receive a WIDU grant and business coaching.
The grant amount is calculated by multiplying your investment by 2.5
Example 1 (minimum amounts): For your investment of 14.000 ETB, you will receive 35.000 ETB as a grant.
Example 2 (maximum amounts): For your investment of 55.000 ETB, you will receive 137.500 ETB as a grant.

5. What is the difference between a Local Call and our other WIDU Grants?

- The Local Call #Food is exclusively for businesses in the food and agricultural sector and only for businesses in Ethiopia
- This is the only grant type of WIDU that does not involve diaspora members.
- The grant amount is calculated based on the investment amount of the entrepreneur: private investment x 2.5 = grant investment

6. How does the application process work?

Applications can be submitted online from 26.09. to 31.11.2022
The application process is entirely online. If you have any difficulties with the online processes, please email us:

After the closing of the application period, the most promising applications (50-100) will be selected. You will be informed of the decision by e-mail.

7. How to get in touch with us?

If you have difficulties with the online processes, please send us an email: or come to one in our support desks in
1- City: Addis Ababa
Address: Bole TK building, 1st floor, Sky internet cafe - every Thursday afternoon

The following contacts are also available to you:

2- City: Bahir Dar (Amhara)
Address: Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
Contact Person: Dr. Awoke Seyoum Tegegne
Cell phone: +251918779451

3- City: Adama/ Meki (Oromia)
Contact Person: Mitiku Negash Bokan
Cell phone: 0913797221/0915970443

4- City: Hawassa
Contact Person: Samuel Argo
Cell phone: +251916970109

Business Caoching for the Food Call Ethiopia with WIDU
WIDU Business Coaching

Business coaching is an important part of the Local Call support program. Find out more about WIDU Business Coaching.

Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia Flyer
Flyer Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia

This leaflet provides you with general information about the Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia. It can be downloaded and printed in the following language: English & Amharic


Food Call Ethiopia: The Process

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Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia/ Food Processing
Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia_Agri-Services
#FoodCallEthiopia: IT and Data for Food Security
#FoodCallEthiopia: Reduction of Food Waste
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