WIDU.africa offered the new Local Call targeting green businesses in Kenya to support micro and small enterprises interested in building a sustainable green future in their communities. 

Your Green Deal with WIDU
Green Call Announcement: Your Green Deal with WIDU, woman at the centre

Why Green?

Micro and small businesses with green business models have the potential to help regions, countries, and societies meet sustainability goals and provide a higher standard of living for community members. SMEs that focus on developing sustainable green projects not only have the opportunity for financial gain but also to create a host of positive societal impacts. By supplying communities with sustainable and affordable solutions, micro and small enterprises can simultaneously address the key drivers of poverty while reducing carbon emissions. These societal and economic gains are created by a combination of different factors including:

  • Creating local renewable energy jobs
  • Reducing health risks, costs, and burdens
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Improving energy resilience

Eligible Green Sectors

green sectors


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About Local Calls

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1. What are Local Calls?

The Local Call: Green Kenya was the first Local Call offered by WIDU. Local Calls are a new financial instrument on the WIDU platform, independent of the diaspora, that aim at supporting micro and small enterprises interested in building a sustainable green future in their community with a focus on potential for job creation.

2. Am I eligible to take part?

The Local Call only concerns entrepreneurs from participating African countries. These are the eligibility criteria
• At least 18 years old.

• Resides in Kenya

• Holds a Kenyan citizenship

• business already exists and has less than 20 employees.

• business contributes to a sustainable green future in your community

• Holds a valid business license/ registration certificate

• Has access to a bank or mobile money account to receive the grant

3. How much is the grant?

With the local green grant, the entrepreneur investment is multiplied by 2.5.
Maximum 2,000 EUR as a private investment, you will receive 5,000 EUR as a grant.
Minimum 500 EUR as a private investment, you will receive 1,250 EUR as a grant.

4. What is the difference between the Local Call and the other WIDU Grants?

For the Local Call:
- No Diaspora donor required
- The private investment is multiplied by 2.5
- Only existing businesses with a valid business license or registration
- Only for specific businesses depending on the theme (green businesses for Local Call: Green Kenya)

Flyer Local Call: #Green Kenya photo of frontside and information inside of flyer
Flyer Local Call: #Green Kenya
Flyer Local Call: #Green Kenya

This leaflet provides you with general information about the Local Call: #Green Kenya. It can be downloaded and printed in the following language: English

WIDU Coaching
WIDU Coaching
WIDU Business Coaching

Business Coaching is an important part of the Local Call funding programme. Find out more about WIDU Business Coaching.

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