As we embark on a new journey alongside the launch of phase II, will suspend temporarily its coaching services in Cameroon, Ghana and Togo for approximately two months. The hiatus will aim to facilitate an extensive process of recruiting, retraining, and refreshing our coaching pool to better meet the expectations of entrepreneurs.  

The decision to temporarily pause coaching services reflects WIDU's commitment to enhancing the quality of support provided to entrepreneurs in the participating countries. By actively investing in the recruitment and training of coaches, WIDU aims to ensure that their team aligns with the evolving needs and aspirations of the entrepreneurial community. 

Coaches team in Ghana
Coaches team in Ghana

What does that mean for the entrepreneurs who have submitted their projects? 

During this short period, entrepreneurs can continue to use the online platform to submit the documentation of their expenses. However, no coach visits will be carried out until further notice. Entrepreneurs may therefore experience a slight delay in finalizing their project with 

Only Cameroon, Ghana and Togo will be affected by these measures. There will be no impact on projects in progress in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tunisia. 

A gradual return to normal by end of mid-March 

All the WIDU teams are looking forward to resuming coaching services better equipped to support and guide entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey by mid-March. WIDU encourages as well all entrepreneurs to stay connected with its communications on the website and social media channels for updates on the progress of this revitalization effort. 

WIDU acknowledge the importance of on-going projects and kindly ask all beneficiaries for their understanding and patience during this transition period. The WIDU will remain committed to delivering high-quality coaching services in the long run. A coach will reach out to you as soon as the program is back up and running.