In March 2021 WIDU had to pause applications for new projects for Cameroon. The high demand of WIDU in Cameroon has meant that WIDU for Cameroon was running above its capacity. We therefore needed time to adapt and optimise our reviewing processes so that in the future we will be able to still give your applications the attention they deserve.

As from today WIDU is moderating existing proposals for Cameroon. Existing projects that are already registered will be handled first. Those projects will be carefully evaluated and if successful handed onto our coaches. New projects will be able to apply from the 1st of August.

The application process remains the same. As the numbers of applicants for Cameroon is very high projects will be carefully evaluated before selection. The better defined your project description and the more detailed your investment plan, the higher your chances of success.

From August, we will be doing the selection on a monthly basis. Some months we will call for projects with a slant on specific sectors, target groups and geographical regions. Keep an eye on Facebook and our website for the latest WIDU trends and experiences.