Evaluating WIDU: Accompanying study on the impact of WIDU.africa

In the coming months, we will invite entrepreneurs from Ghana and Cameroon to participate in our impact evaluation study. As a small thank you, participants will receive phone credit for each completed questionnaire.

We are currently evaluating the impact of the WIDU program. Based on a quasi-experimental evaluation design, some entrepreneurs will be randomly selected for interviews. The aim of the study is to further improve WIDU.africa.

For this reason, we plan to conduct three (3) interviews with entrepreneurs in Ghana and Cameroon. The interviews will take place at three different stages during and after the procedure to receive the WIDU grant:

  • before the 1st coaching session,
  • after the 2nd coaching session,
  • and 6 months after receiving the WIDU grant.

We kindly ask entrepreneurs for their valuable support and time if they are selected for interviews. This will greatly help us to further enhance the impact of the WIDU project in Africa. As a thank you, participants will receive a phone credit worth 2 Euros for each questionnaire completed. Please note that participation in the evaluation will be anonymous and will not have any impact on the grant application.

Learn more: https://widu.africa/faqs

A warm thank you in advance from the entire WIDU team.