Grand Opening of Supported School Takes Place in Kenya

County and local government officials as well as GIZ representatives attended the event

On 30 January, Talanta Junior School in Port Victoria, Kenya, opened its doors for the first time. The project, which was supported under the WIDU Programme, celebrated the occasion with an opening event that was attended by county and local government officials as well as GIZ representatives and WIDU employees.

Festive opening of supported school takes place in Kenya
The first students to attend Talanta Junior School. In the background: Founder of school, teachers, representatives of county and local government, GIZ, Coaching Organisations as well as WIDU Country Coordinator ©WIDU Kenya

30/01/2023. It is the first day of school – but not only for pupils of Talanta Junior School in Port Victoria, Kenya. Indeed, 30 January 2023 was also the first day for the Kenyan education facility to open its doors.  On Monday, the school celebrated this occasion with an opening event. This  event comes in the wake of the fifth International Day of Education, which was celebrated on January 24th under the theme "to invest in people, invest in education.", a project of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is commissioning this educational project.

"I cannot count but am blessed to see a modern nursery school built with the support of WIDU“
Peter Hainja, WIDU Beneficiary and Founder of Talanta Junior School 

The school was officially opened  by the GIZ Cluster Coordinator Mr Bernd Lakemeier who heads the GIZ Sustainable Economic Development cluster. The event will also be attended by WIDU Country Coordinator, coaching organisations, county and local government officials. In the words of Mr. Hainja, the project beneficiary, "I cannot count but am blessed to see a modern nursery school built with the support of WIDU. Visit the school and see for yourself what WIDU has done for me. I am humbled!"

Tour of the school grounds
Tour of the school grounds ©WIDU Kenya

Constructing The Best Education Facility For Children in His Community

The project, known as Talanta Junior School, is a learning institution that will provide education to children in the Port Victoria area. The project was supported under the WIDU Programme – in collaboration with diaspora donor Ms Angela Hainja, who resides in Germany and says: “As I study business, my interest is about African businesses and how I can empower my family back home.” The school has been provided funding for the construction of modern classrooms and furniture as well as received business coaching to scale entrepreneur’s Peter Hainjas business idea to be sustainable . Mr Hainja pursuited his vision of founding the best education facility for children in his community - even when he had to endure setbacks during the process: “Even though the construction side was washed away by floods three years ago, I wanted to complete the school.” 

The Talanta Junior School will officially open its doors to children on the same day 30 January 2023 and will provide a modern and safe learning environment for children in the Port Victoria area. The WIDU Programme's investment in education is helping to ensure that children in this community have access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.


WIDU leverages on diaspora remittances to create jobs, improve livelihoods and increase the income situation of its beneficiaries. Talanta Junior School is an outstanding example of WIDU’s impact on economic and social enterprises.

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