New security measures for user accounts on 

Recently, WIDU introduced two new procedures on the platform to further increase the security of user accounts. Users are now required to renew their password every three months. In addition, it is now necessary to answer a security question.

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Forgetting your password can happen quickly. To ensure that access to the account is not lost in this case, WIDU users are now required to answer a security question. In addition, the platform now asks registered users to renew their password every three months. By the way: It is not necessary to take action yourself: As part of the password update, participants who have not yet provided an answer to a security question are automatically asked to do so by the platform.

What is the security question for?

The security question, or the answer to it, makes it possible to clearly verify that you are the owner of your account. The question becomes important if you forget your password. In this case, you will be asked by our platform to enter the previously stored answer. If the answer is correct, you can create a new password. Security questions are always questions about personal topics, e.g. your favourite food, your mother's maiden name or similar.

Attention, phishing!

The same security recommendations apply to answers to security questions as to passwords: Do not give them to anyone else under any circumstances. We at will never ask you to share your password nor the answer to your security question with us. Therefore, if someone asks you to give them out, it is probably a phishing attempt - an attempt to gain unauthorised access to your account. If someone asks you to do this, whether by email, chat or phone call, do not give out your personal details under any circumstances and please report the phishing attempt to the WIDU team immediately.