Update: Selection of WIDU projects

Due to increasing demand, WIDU from now on will extend its score-based selection of projects to Togo and Ghana. the evaluation of projects is based on a neutral scoring system, outside the concerned country.

19.05.22 - We now select just the very best projects that can demonstrate innovation, creative ideas, solutions for the climate crisis or smart responses to challenges people face in the country. This concerns only Cameroon, Togo, and Ghana.

To help ensure your project is selected please consider the following:
•    Explain how your business adds value
•    Tell us about your plans for the future growth
•    Describe exactly how you will invest to improve or create a sustainable business
•    Be clear and precise in your investment plan
•    Ensure any other WIDU supported projects you are involved with a correctly closed and accounted for.

We are highly motivated by the success of our entrepreneurs. The demand is clearly very high. There are many projects proposed every day and we are working on solutions to be able to support even more of them.

How the new selection process works
To evaluate the business proposals, we use a neutral scoring system that is carried out by experts outside of the concerned countries. All incoming applications are screened using this system and experts distribute points based on the above-mentioned criteria. Each week the highest scoring scored projects are selected for the next step.
Applications for Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tunisia are not affected.