WIDU Cameroon attends 1st German-Cameroonian Cooperation Day

On 7 December 2022, WIDU.africa participated in the first edition of the German-Cameroonian Cooperation Day in Yaoundé. Visitors of WIDU’s trade fair stand were particularly interested in learning about how the project supports young entrepreneurs in Cameroon. 

20/01/2023 - The first edition of the German-Cameroonian Cooperation Day took place on December 7 at the National Museum in Yaoundé-Cameroon, co-organized by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ministry of Economy and Land Planning (MINEPAT), and with the participation of the WIDU project.

The purpose of the event was:

  • to introduce the German-Cameroonian partnership for sustainable development, 
  • to raise awareness about the action of the German cooperation in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Cameroon and,
  • to highlight the action of German cooperation in the implementation of the National Development Strategy 2030 (NDS 30) in Cameroon.

WIDU Team Cameroon presents the project activites at Journée de la Coopération Germano-Camerounaise
WIDU Team Cameroon presents the project activites at Journée de la Coopération Germano-Camerounaise ©WIDU Cameroon

Priority Areas of German Cooperation in Cameroon

During this occasion, the German cooperation was able to highlight its commitment to development through its 4 priority areas of intervention: (1) good governance, peace promotion and conflict prevention; (2) rural development, (3) Sustainable management of natural resources; (4) Health, social protection and population policy. Moreover, the projects and programs in these 4 sectors were present through different stands to present the results and achievements accomplished so far. 

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs – WIDU Cameroon Presents Project Achievements

Of course, the WIDU project was no exception to the rule. Present in the largest stand of the "Good governance, peace promotion and conflict prevention" priority cluster, the WIDU Cameroon team informed the many curious attendees to the event about the support WIDU provides to young entrepreneurs. The WIDU project's technical partners -African BIB, ADI (Africa designs innovation) and VKII- also took part in the event supporting the project's efforts in assisting Cameroonian micro and small enterprises.

Impact Since 2019 in Cameroon

Since 2019, the WIDU project has helped to create and sustain more than 6,200 jobs in Africa, of which 2,619 are in Cameroon only. In total, 1,484 micro and small enterprises have been supported in the development of their activities through technical and financial support, including 697 women entrepreneurs. The WIDU project is preparing to launch its second phase of support very soon, which will last until 2026.