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Bi-Solar Tech Fridge

Solar energy cools Covid-19 vaccinations in Cameroon

When the first vaccine against Covid-19 was approved at the end of December 2020, the world breathed a sigh of relief - and an entrepreneur in Cameroon had a thought: If these vaccines have to be stored at very low temperatures, how should hospitals in rural areas of Cameroon manage this, when access to electricity is often particularly difficult there? Triomphant TCHULANG, the owner of Clean Energy Services, knew he wanted to do something about it and he had an idea: buy up old refrigerators and recycle them into solar-powered refrigerators. "The goal of our project is to provide or improve Covid19 vaccine storage in remote areas through our model of a solar-powered refrigerator that can run 24/7 without batteries," he describes.

Entrepreneur Triomphant presents one of his solar powered fridges

With the help of the Corona Business Grant, Triomphant was able to purchase compressors for his production and his WIDU coach advised him on marketing. He subsequently presented his refrigerator at the largest promotional trade fair in Central Africa. His diaspora donor Jackson, who is studying in Germany and suggested Triomphant to participate in the Corona Business Grant, says he always wanted to support "something big" in Cameroon.