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 Fabulous Master Networker, Trailblazer, and Enthusiast - Ama Duncan's Fab Hub

The Fabulous Women Network by Ama Duncan


That laughter! That radiance! When Ama Duncan smiles, it comes from deep conviction and with captivating ease. "I love writing. I love writing about women who inspire me. I love posting these stories on social networks. Back then, I wanted to improve my writing in this way. My goal was to become an author," Ama explains enthusiastically. That was in the spring of 2015. At that time, the business administration graduate (Master of Business from the Paris Graduate School of Management) founded the Fabulous Woman Network (FWN), where she shares the success stories of female leaders and brings women together in the FWN network. The author became a master networker. Since then, the FWN has published hundreds of stories of fabulous women on social media, conducted training programs, retreats, conferences, and coaching sessions.

Ama Duncan, founder of FWN
Ama Duncan, founder of FWN

"I train female entrepreneurs to be doers and leaders."


Perhaps Ama's most noticeable feature is her infectious laughter – perfectly matching her expressive appearance and fundamental optimism. She combines this enthusiasm with her commitment to empowering women and has become a driving force for positive change in her community. Operating in Kumasi – now Ghana's largest city, about a four-hour drive from the capital Accra – this certified coach (Professional Certified Coach (PCC)) has expanded FWN's activities from Kumasi to the Ashanti region and beyond.


It took years to get there. She experienced firsthand the limitations and stereotypes society often imposes on women. However, she used these obstacles as motivation. "I knew I was destined to serve a larger audience than my former employer. At that time, I had worked as a corporate trainer for eight years." She found her true calling through writing: FWN. The organization's main focus is on career development, entrepreneurial thinking and action, and leadership training. Or as Ama puts it, "training female entrepreneurs to be doers and leaders."


WIDU support for the fabulous women's network


"Building a sustainable bridge between two continents," that's how Mandy Owusu describes why she supports the FWN project as a donor. A graduate in health sciences, she lives and works in Berlin, where she works in the field of occupational safety. "WIDU is an incredibly great idea. I have been looking for a suitable opportunity to get involved, also because of my Afro-German background, which I already do as a mentor at Future of Ghana. When I heard about Ama Duncan's networking project, I was immediately on board!"


Ama used Mandy's support and the financial assistance from WIDU to pay the rent for the "Fab Hub Ashanti" and renovate the premises. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which also affected Ama's plans. She had to close the hub – a difficult time. Her co-founder, the photographer and videographer Reaga Right, put it this way: "Blessings come back after many rejections!" "That suits me!" Ama said. "My blessings come to me in due time with ease."

Ama Duncan et son équipe
Ama Duncan and her team

Fresh start with new premises and six employees


In 2021, Ama started with renewed energy. She reopened the Fab Hub Ashanti in a different location in Kumasi, this time with a larger area and several office and conference rooms. The acquisitions included tables, shelves, air conditioners, 100 chairs, and nine beds. The latter are reserved for female entrepreneurs who can book multi-day training at the hub, allowing for higher fees to be charged. Ama and her team also purchased new furniture for the kitchen, benefiting the overall budget: they no longer have to pay rent for the inventory. This, in turn, led to the hiring of two employees for the hub, and later, four more. Today, the network includes over 300 local and 5,000 online businesses, all led by women.


Beyond FWN, Ama is a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars, sharing her knowledge and experience. She has over 15 years of professional experience in personnel development and has trained well over 5,000 professionals to date. Other projects of hers include the Women's Leadership Development Program (located at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Center (KAIPTC)) and the EU-Ghana Circular Economy Conference. Her original desire to improve her writing is evident in books and online. She is the author of several publications on networking and business inspiration. In the FWN Facebook group with 5,000 members, she encourages them to read and continue their education.


Next goal: The Fab Village


Ama Duncan's infectious passion was emphasized by the laudator Regina Bauerochse Barbosa, country director of GIZ Ghana, during the WIDU Award Ghana ceremony. "Your commitment to the approach of women supporting each other is inspiring and should be applied everywhere! Ms. Duncan and her team support women-led businesses through competency development, coaching, and networking. They have a co-working and event space. Thanks to their initiative, The Fabulous Woman Network was able to create six new jobs."


In her acceptance speech, Ama Duncan replied that she has much more planned. Her next goal is to create "The Fab Village," an entire village dedicated to supporting and connecting fabulous female entrepreneurs.

Ama Duncan receives WIDU Award in the category "Female Entrepreneur Award 2023"
Ama Duncan receives WIDU Award in the category "Female Entrepreneur Award 2023"