Technical development and jobs creation

Riadh Hamama is a young entrepreneur of 28 years who was predestined for an airline pilot career. But fate decided otherwise. "What pushed me to become an entrepreneur is above all the seek for independence. And over time, it became more than a goal but a passion." 

The seed of entrepreneurship started to grow while he was still a student in piloting. Out of necessity, the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged him to invest in his own aspirations and he made the most out of the quarantine period to develop his project idea. 

"My business idea came from a personal experience during the quarantine. At the time, I purchased for the very first time online. My order wasn’t delivered because the supplier and I had not been able to find a delivery slot. I realized that online shopping had some logistical shortcomings that could easily be solved.” 

The start-up "LoxBox" was officially launched in 2021. Thanks to an e-relay system, "LoxBox" enables to manage deliveries made through online transactions in an efficient and fast way. The young company already has 25 physical relay points (i.e. small shops managed by merchants that accept parcel deliveries), all located in Tunis. In 2022, the start-up will set up its very first e-relay in La Marsa, in the Tunis area, fully autonomous and digitalized. Later in the summer of 2022, Riadh discovered the WIDU project. He quickly embarked on the adventure with the support of his friend living in Europe. Both of them registered on the online platform and started the process together, which enabled Riadh to double his self-financing in only a few weeks thanks to a WIDU Grant of more than 9'000 DT. Meanwhile, Riadh received a technical support from WIDU through 3 personalized coaching sessions adapted to his needs. 

Riadh Amama, founder of LoxBox

" WIDU allowed me to develop my website from A to Z. My project being digitalized, it was a priority for me to launch my online platform, as it represents the showcase of my project and the services I am offering." 

Thanks to the funds received by WIDU, the start-up "LoxBox" is currently setting up two new e-relays which will allow Riadh to expand his activities to new areas of Tunis.    

"Today, I would like to build more e-relays and recruit new technicians in order to develop my activities. The WIDU project has had a very positive impact in this sense helping me achieve my goals, certainly through the grant I received, but also thanks to the support and guidance I benefited from the WIDU technical experts."