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Mellow Group - Inspiration for a Generation of Young Entrepreneurs in Cameroon

Sandra Aboh Tembei is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, positioning herself as one of the examples of the future generation of motivated African entrepreneurs striving to build a sustainable and competitive future in Africa.

A young engineer by training, Sandra Aboh Tembei is the ambitious founder of "Mellow Group Limited", a company specializing in high-precision steel industry through laser, CNC, and plasma technologies, located in Cameroon.

A young entrepreneur with a clear vision for Cameroon

At the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, Sandra's vision was already clear: she aimed to contribute to Africa's economic development by transitioning from importing finished products to local manufacturing using cutting-edge technologies. "I dream of seeing Africa completely shift from importing finished and semi-finished products to importing foreign technologies for the local production of currently imported goods in Africa. I want to create economic activities that use the latest technologies for competitive manufacturing in Cameroon."

Through state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing processes, Mellow Group Limited offers quality products to its customers, including furniture, decorative items, and construction accessories such as gates, doors, kitchen cabinets, or wall panels. Aware of the growing demand for structural integrity and aesthetics in commercial and residential buildings, Sandra's company also provides interior decoration services, helping customers seamlessly integrate its products into their homes and workplaces. In addition to meeting its own manufacturing needs, Mellow Group offers wood processing services to local carpenters, promoting collaboration and supporting local artisans.

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Mellow Group perfects its craft with the new precision device, a table saw. Copyright:

Sharper processes thanks to WIDU grant and diaspora private investment

To strengthen her entrepreneurial journey, Sandra received support from the WIDU project through technical assistance and a grant. With the project and a donation from a diaspora relative, Sandra was able to acquire a new industrial machine. This acquisition significantly improved the production process and reduced product delivery times. Sandra speaks favorably about the impact of the grant on Mellow Group's activities: "We were able to acquire an industrial machine that allowed us to speed up the production process and the delivery time of all our products. Our customers are satisfied, and we receive multiple recommendations thanks to WIDU's grant."

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Mellow Group represents a state-of-the-art manufactory workign with the highest standard. Copyright:

Mellow Group wins 1st prize at the WIDU Awards Cameroon in the "Young Entrepreneurs" category

Sandra's efforts and impact within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cameroon as a young entrepreneur were recognized on November 17 when she received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award during the WIDU awards ceremony in Yaoundé. At this event, Sandra expressed her gratitude with humility: "I am so surprised to receive this award; I didn't know I would receive an award today! My gratitude goes to WIDU and my coach. She ensured that we progressed at every step, and I am very grateful to her. This is the recognition of hard work, and I am very grateful that all this work has borne fruit. My next goal is to expand my activities in Cameroon."

Fueled by this recognition, Sandra plans to expand her activities in Cameroon, reinforcing her commitment to economic growth, technological progress, and job creation in the country. Sandra Aboh Tembei's success testifies to the transformative power of the entrepreneurial spirit initiated by the new generation of entrepreneurs in Africa.

"I am convinced that small and medium-sized businesses will take center stage in Africa's economic growth in the coming years. And the youths shall be at the forefront of this movement."

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Moved, Mellow Group founder Sandra Aboh Tembei expresses her gratitude for her award. Copyright: