Impact : Technical development and jobs creation

Kodjovi Tonou DJODJI, a 44-year-old visionary entrepreneur, paved his way to success by creating a soap factory that quickly established itself on the local market in Lomé. His company, RO, has increased rapidly in the manufacture of cosmetic soaps, detergents and Marseille soaps, raising the quality of body care products in the region.

As Kodjovi Tonou developed his soap-making business, he quickly realized the importance of palm nut oil in his production, as one of the raw materials in his products. By creating "Huiles RO" (RO oils in English), he hopes to consolidate his production chain and extend his activities to oil distillation.


WIDU, an accelerator of success for RO

Thanks to his participation in the project WIDU and the support of his cousin in Germany, Kodjovi Tonou has been able to purchase his own oil press, strengthening his production capacity. The entrepreneur is grateful for the positive impact WIDU has had on his business.

"Our company now has its own press for producing oil and can guarantee the quantity needed to make soap. The company has taken another step forward thanks to this machine."


This initiative has also had a significant impact on his community by improving the living conditions of his workers. The entrepreneur also aims to create new jobs, especially for women, to reduce unemployment in his community.

Today, RO Oils products have found their way onto market stalls, distributed by small shops and businesses offering quality care in the region of Lomé, while also improving the lives of workers and contributing to the region's economic prosperity.

RO wins 1st prize for handicrafts at the WIDU awards Togo

Last October, Kodjovi Tonou DJODJI won the 1st prize in the "Handicrafts" category at the WIDU awards in Togo, making of RO one of the most resilient and value-creating business. It was with great emotion that the young entrepreneur shared his joy: "Today, thanks to WIDU, my business has grown. And I'm convinced that with this award, the company will grow even more.”

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