Impact : Technical development and jobs creation

23-year-old Belinda Kinya, a dedicated poultry farmer in Meru County whose contributions significantly contribute to food security in Kenya. 

With support from WIDU.Africa, Belinda enhanced her chicken coop and breeding practices, now managing a flock of over 100 chickens that she sells during the holiday season.

WIDU.Africa actively fosters the inclusion of young women in agribusiness, challenging regressive stereotypes that discourage the younger generation from embracing agriculture as a dignified career option. 

Belinda, representing 7% of entrepreneurs in WIDU, serves as an exemplary case, showcasing the confidence that youth can be relied upon for agricultural success.

"Through WIDU I was able to expand the chicken structure hence able to accommodate more birds", she says. "I was able to add more chicks to the farm and get enough feeds which was a big challenge hence expecting high returns from the business."