Impact : Technical development and jobs creation

Meet Florence Muthoni a resolute entrepreneur who has entered the male-dominated welding industry in Eldoret town in Kamukunji estate. Her business focuses on welding services, specializing in the production of steel items such as windows, doors, gates, and school boxes.


With cooperation of her diaspora investment partner and WIDU, Florence acquired essential machinery, including welding machines, oil cooling machines, and an air compressor. This assistance has played a crucial role in enhancing her business operations.

WIDU has also contributed to Florence's business acumen, ensuring proficiency in maintaining business records, handling employee contracts, and maintaining proper business documentation. This improved operational efficiency has facilitated business expansion, leading to the employment of five individuals. Florence's journey exemplifies the broader goal of promoting gender inclusion by encouraging women to participate in traditionally male-dominated sectors and indeed


“My business has grown both in terms of the stock and also income. I have realized more customers due to availability of items that were initially missing. I have also been able to stock items that I didn't have before such as paints. Since I have seen an improvement in the number of customers, I have also been able to increase the number of employees to include an additional casual welder.”