Impact : Technical development and jobs creation

Lucy Ngorongo, a visionary entrepreneur, addresses a pervasive challenge in Nairobi that affects both residents and county officials daily: effective waste management. This complex issue has garnered significant attention, with billions in funding and extensive research invested.

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As the founder of Junky Bins Limited, Lucy, along with her dedicated team, is committed to fostering a clean and safe environment. The company specializes in residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial waste collection, transportation, and disposal, incorporating recycling, reduction, and reuse processes. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Junky Bins provides customized waste management solutions.

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"WIDU supported our message of waste is a resource, and our trade and scalability model is evident to our stakeholders and customers. Our efforts are recognized every day in the country and abroad as a champion of the circular economy. Thank you, WIDU, for the valuable partnership." Lucy Ngorongo – Founder and Director of Junky Bins Ltd

With the support of WIDU, Lucy's company upgraded its waste sorting site and expanded its Black Soldier Fly facility, contributing to innovative solutions in organic waste management. 

Lucy's endeavors exemplify the spirit of #InspireInclusion, celebrating diversity and making a positive impact through her business and partnership with WIDU.