Impact : Technical development and jobs creation

In the spirit of International Women's Day, we highlight Angela one of WIDU Kenya's valued donors along with her father Mr. Hainja, collaborated with WIDU to establish a state-of-the-art elementary school that provides education up to Grade 4. Angela's vision was to implement educational standards akin to those in Germany where she is a kindergarten teacher. With WIDU's support, this dream became a reality.

Through Angela's technical expertise, the school has developed an international volunteer program, offering a diverse curriculum that includes foreign languages. This innovative approach not only enhances the educational experience for the students but also promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Beyond financial contributions, Angela's project showcases the power of social remittances — the transfer of skills and technical know-how. The school, employing 8 individuals, stands as a testament to Angela's dedication to improving livelihoods through education.

Angela Hainja's story illustrates how individuals can make a lasting impact by contributing not only resources but also their skills to create positive change. Every day, Angela #InspiresInclusion through the WIDU.Africa program, reinforcing the belief that education is a powerful tool for building a more inclusive and equitable world.