Three Cousins Energy (3CE)

Plastic Recycling Made in Kenya

Did you know that plastic is made from oil? Turns out it can also be turned back. 3CE company – a #LocalCall #GreenKenya participant – recycles locally collected plastic into oil and thus offers an alternative to fossil fuels. 

Where others see a waste problem, the three owners of Three Cousins Energy LTD (3CE) see a lucrative business idea. The company, which is currently being promoted as part of the WIDU.africa Local Call: #GreenKenya and has won the first WIDU Award Kenya in the category “Green Business”, earns its money by recycling plastic waste. To do this, the entrepreneurs use an unusual approach: by means of a chemical process, they break down plastic waste back into its individual parts and earn their money by selling them: Carbon, gas and - industrial oil. 

with the help of the WIDU grant, they were able to purchase a gas balloon. In it, they collect the gas that is a by-product of their process and later use it as fuel for their plant. In addition, the plastic waste they recycle comes from their immediate neighbourhood.

"We started doing this back in 2020, but only as an experiment at first," recalls David Kihumba, one of the owners of 3CE. "It quickly became apparent that our idea worked. We were able to raise the seed money, install the plant and have it up and running within a year."

Entpreneur leans over to machine to check whether it works
Entrepreneur checks industrial plant and shows it to young woman