To acknowledge exceptional entrepreneurs, we're hosting our second WIDU Award Kenya Ceremony on December 7th 2023 in Nairobi. This year, we ask for the support of our esteemed participants, fans and partners. For the very first time, everyone can vote on which of the 67 competitors should win prizes in 6 different Award categories. The voting results are now in and we have found our winners. Who won?

Find out during our WIDU Award Kenya Ceremony, live streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

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Our Nominees for the WIDU Award Kenya

These entrepreneurs have the chance to win a WIDU Award Kenya on 7 December 2023!

Nominees Category Food Security Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
Nominees Category Digital Project of the Year 2023
Nominees Category Green Project of the Year 2023
Nominees Category Service Industry Project of the Year 2023
Nominees Category Social Enterprise of the Year 2023
Nominees Category Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
Winners of last year's WIDU Award in Nairobi, Kenya in the category "Best Coaches"
Winners of last year's WIDU Award in Nairobi, Kenya in the category "Best Coaches"
Get to Know The Competitors

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Categories & Nomination Process

This year, we will honour the best Kenyan WIDU entrepreneurs in eight categories, including green businesses, social enterprises, digital awards, food security, service industry, youth entrepreneurs, regional champions, and the coach of the year award.

The nomination process has been multi-track with the final stage open to the public, allowing them to have a say in choosing the winners through our Facebook vote. The poll will be live from 8 November 2023 and you can participate by voting for the outstanding entrepreneur in each category. The Facebook vote will be run in two tracks. The first track runs from November 8th to November 17th, and the second track from November 18th to November 26th. The second phase will feature the top 50% of finalists in each category. The voting process is transparent, with stringent measures in place to prevent bot voting.

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About in Kenya

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH’s WIDU Kenya has so far supported more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, created over 2,600 jobs in various sectors in Kenya and activated over 1 million Euros in diaspora remittances through the Online Platform.

Now, a total of 67 enterprises are competing in the contest to win a WIDU Award. Who will be the 8 winners?

Make your vote count!

Owner of the Kenyan Business Pure Purple & WIDU Participant stands in the middle of her workshop and presents her bags
Kevin Kibuka, owner of the Kenyan business Boabab Husks Planting Media presents machine he purchased from his WIDU Grant
Beatrice Nduta, owner of Kenyan business Blue Stripe Enterprises stands in front of her shop and presents stock she sells.

WIDU is always free of charge

We do not ever ask diaspora donors or African entrepreneurs, nor their relatives or friends, to pay for our services. WIDU funding and coaching is and will always be provided for free.
Do not under any circumstances agree to give a share of your WIDU grant to a broker or a middle-man. These brokers/middle-men are breaking the law and will be sued by us.