First WIDU Award Ceremony takes place in Nairobi

Kenya Diaspora Alliance and Kenya to award outstanding entrepreneurs

Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) and Kenya award outstanding Kenyan WIDU participants and coaches. The WIDU Awards ceremony will take place on 8.12.2022 at 6pm (EAT) in Nairobi. Interested parties can join online through WIDU channels.

WIDU Award Kenya takes place in Nairobi

Christmas is the time of the year that many people spend with their families. Some even return from abroad for this. Since 2020, the Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) therefore hosts the yearly African Diaspora Symposium in Nairobi. This year, the theme is: “How can members of the diaspora invest in back home?” For the first time, is taking part in the symposium to highlight diaspora achievements and the impact of their engagement by hosting an Award ceremony together with KDA to award outstandingWIDU entrepreneurs and coaches.

The WIDU Award Kenya aims to showcase how development cooperation can engage the diaspora to support small and micro enterprises and present inspiring stories of change and business transformation by small entrepreneurs in Kenya. The winners can look forward to prize moneyand marketing advisory for their business.

Interested parties can follow the award ceremony live on the following channels: YouTube & Facebook. 

WIDU Award Kenya Ceremony
8 December 2022 at 6pm - 8pm (UTC+3)

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Kenya Diaspora Alliance  encourages all Diaspora Kenyans and their over 1,000 organizations to contribute to the building of progressive Diaspora programs that can ensure that the estimated 3 million diaspora Kenyans become part and parcel of the social, political, economic and cultural diaspora Kenya fabric of Kenya. is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. In collaboration with the African diaspora in Europe, WIDU applies an innovative approach that combines funding and coaching to strengthen new and existing small businesses in Africa. By providing grants and training opportunities, WIDU aims to create sustainable jobs in Kenya and five other African countries.