Business coaching for an entrepreneur


Compulsory masks, lock-downs or contact restrictions: These regional and national efforts, along with vaccinations, regular hand-washing and spacing, are the most effective means against the spread of the pandemic. But it is becoming increasingly clear that these measures have social side effects: Students can no longer go to school, people become lonely or lose their income. But WIDU is convinced: Every person can make a small contribution to improving this situation for themselves and others. Companies, in particular, have the potential to adapt their original business model in such a way that they can use their core competence to mitigate the pandemic impact for others and even expand their business in the process. That's why WIDU's new Corona Business Grant now offers targeted funding to help the businesses with the best ideas realise their vision.

Diaspora donors in Europe can propose companies and business ideas that meet the following criteria:

  • Actively contribute to the national or community response to Corona
  • The business must be a small (social) enterprise
  • Priority will be given to those that have already demonstrated excellent record keeping in their traditional WIDU grant
  • The enterprise should clearly demonstrate how it will generate revenue
  • The proposal should be well described and clearly defined
  • Impact and results must be demonstrable, measurable and tangible

The Corona Business Grant still applies:

  • Entrepreneurs must be acquaintances or family members whom are well known to the African Diaspora in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and must be invited to through them
  • Only existing businesses can be funded

Ideas that meet these criteria could receive a grant of up to 2500 Euros.