4 Jobs

Twelve hectares of farmland and a vision for Ghana

Sonia Folikumah, the owner of Farmhub Limited, has a vision: "I want to improve food security in Ghana and the region” To make her vision come true, her business focuses on two main areas: On the one hand, the graduated agronomist advises and trains other farmers. On the other hand, she grows vegetables and fruit on her farm, buys agricultural products from local farmers and sells their and her own products.

Through the support of her donor and WIDU, she was able to buy more land for her farm. Sonia also had equipment installed to irrigate her fields and was able to purchase seeds:"The impact of this project has been huge. Our field is fully irrigated and the plants are showing really good yields." reports Sonia.  So good, in fact, that she was able to hire four new employees. Sonia is thus taking the first step towards fulfilling her vision: making her contribution to improve food security in Ghana. She continues her entrepreneurial journey by applying for a second Original WIDU Grant.