GIC Bellomar

Stopping the spread of Corona in Cameroon - with spoiled food

Disinfectants are more in demand than ever since the start of the pandemic, whether in hospitals or in private households. That is why the Cameroonian chemical company GIC Bellomar developed a process to convert food waste into bioethanol - to produce disinfectants. "With our own resources, we were able to start production and distribution of bioethanol on a smaller scale. But that was not enough to satisfy the demand for our product. It quickly became clear: we wanted to start mass production. But we lacked the financial means to do so," recalls Martial Gervais Oden Bella, owner of GIC Bellomar. By participating in, the company was able to continue paying the salaries of its employees, finance the transport of fruit to the company and thus expand the production of its disinfectant.

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