Impact : Technical development and jobs creation

Tabitha Wanjira, from Turkana County, inspires us on this International Women's Day for advocating inclusion and transformation in Kakuma, where she resides alongside refugees’ and host communities. Motivated by a desire to uplift livelihoods, Tabitha initiated the ICOKE MAZINGIRA project.

ICOKE MAZINGIRA focuses on producing reusable packaging bags crafted by refugee and host women and youths possessing tailoring and dressmaking skills. These skilled individuals design bags from second-hand fabrics, incorporating beadwork, Ankara fabrics, and other environmentally friendly materials sourced from manufacturing companies and local suppliers in Kenya.

Through a strategic partnership with WIDU, the project developed an eCommerce platform, acquisition of industrial sewing machines, and sourcing of local products. This collaboration has facilitated scalability, enabling the marketing and sale of these products both locally and globally, thereby creating employment opportunities for dozens.

Beyond economic empowerment, ICOKE MAZINGIRA contributes to sustainable practices by reducing the need for non-durable non-woven shopping bags. The project collaborates with local supply chains, distributing and selling these eco-friendly bags in supermarkets, grocery stores, and markets. Tabitha's initiative not only fosters economic independence but also promotes environmental responsibility, making her a true champion of inclusion and empowerment.