10 Jobs created

Nohi’s Chocolate is 100 % Cameroon – Thanks to Private Investment by Diaspora

Nohi a chocolate factory by Hippolyte NOZAWO TCHOFFO

Chocolate from Cameroon for Cameroonians: The Nohi factory produces 100% locally – from the cocoa tree to the shelf. This has been made possible by a private investment from the diaspora.

In Douala, Cameroon, the 36-year-old founder, Hippolyte NOZAWO TCHOFFO, established the chocolate factory Nohi in 2017. Successfully realizing his vision, he aimed to make the globally esteemed Cameroonian cocoa appealing to the local population. Nohi, his company, sells high-quality chocolate products ranging from chocolate bars to confectionery, semi-finished products, and chocolate spreads. Not only do Nohi products taste excellent, but they are also more natural and healthier than conventional products, with the cocoa used sourced from their own cultivation.

The idea to open a factory originated from Hippolyte during a conference several years before the founding of Nohi. He observed that although Cameroon is known for cocoa, it is mostly enjoyed abroad. This is due in part to Cameroonian raw cocoa being primarily exported rather than processed into end products locally. Therefore, Hippolyte decided to specialize not only in cocoa cultivation but also in the production of cocoa end products.

A large team facilitated the successful market entry of the chocolate manufacturer Nohi in Douala and Yaoundé. Copyright: WIDU.africa

WIDU, financial supporter and bridge-builder of two like-minded individuals

To increase production and maintain the quality and shape of chocolate bars, the founder needed a new cooling system. The location was crucial even when purchasing his new machine. He describes, "I prefer the local cooling machine. It may cost more, but it employs two new passionate women who craft chocolate bars."

Participating in WIDU.africa with the support of an acquaintance from Germany helped finance the new investment. This allowed Hippolyte to enhance his capabilities while making his products and packaging more consistent. The application for the WIDU grant, supported by Rostand Yemalong LONGTCHI, the diaspora promoter, and the founder, was successful. This success is also attributed to their shared vision. Rostand explains, "In Cameroon, few companies maintain a long tradition over generations. My passion for value-driven businesses led me to participate with WIDU in the Nohi project and advance the promotion of local value creation."

With this approach, Nohi is very successful. The factory has created 11 jobs and serves various customers in the capital Yaoundé and in Douala. These include supermarkets, hotels, and wholesalers.

NOHI - 3
The chocolate manufacturer Nohi presents its new packaging. The new design is intended to establish the "Made in Cameroon" brand even better on the local market. Copyright: WIDU.africa

Localization rewarded - Nohi receives the 1st prize at the WIDU Awards Cameroon in the Agribusiness category

In October, Hippolyte NOZAWO TCHOFFO won the first prize in the "Agribusiness" category at the WIDU Awards in Cameroon. The company impressed the jury with its local approach to chocolate production. The young entrepreneur shared his joy with great enthusiasm: "Beyond the money, it is the recognition of efforts, determination, and our commitment to the development of local products. It is always motivating to be acknowledged."

NOHI - 4
Hippolyte Nozawo Tchoffo, founder and owner of the chocolate manufacturer Nohi, wins the WIDU Award for Agribusiness. Copyright: WIDU.africa