From Togo with Flavour: Production and Sale of Spices

"The investments have enabled me to increase my production capacity. I am able to meet the increasing demand from customers," is how entrepreneur Ablavi explains her success as a spice trader in Togo. The founder of PHILAB processes and packages various spices so that end consumers can use them easily.

The PHILAB spice trade entrepreneur convinced her brother Yao, who lives in Germany, to become her diaspora donor. Her WIDU coach confirmed in both free and professional business coaching sessions that Ablavi has greatly developed her business. "The entrepreneur works with diligence, which puts the project on a path and makes it grow. On top of that, the entrepreneur exhibits her products in supermarkets in France."

Thanks to WIDU, PHILAB has not only been able to further establish itself as a business, but also to continue to grow sustainably. The founder commented, "I can increase my turnover and recruit new staff."

Created Jobs: 2

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